By the time you read this I’m probably going to be an hour or 2 into my 10-week cycle from Johannesburg to Kilimanjaro. It’s been months of planning and with just a few hours to go (as I write this it’s 18:30), the complete lack of worry has turned into some butterflies and a small amount of apprehension.

To make this journey a little more meaningful I plan to write a book (of some sort)  when I get back. If while I’m riding you have any good ideas of themes I’d love to hear them.

If you’re interested I’m also going to be sharing a daily post including a photo or 2 through this online app. I spent a few days setting it up and only once I launched did I see that they expect a minimum donation of $1/pm. That’s not 100% correct. If you click on this link (on your desktop computer) you’ll have the option to “follow” me. Then you can load the free iOS / Andriod app and receive notifications.

Thank you to everyone that has been so supportive of all the initiatives that we’ve been busy with over the past few weeks – we’ve already donated 43 bicycles to kids that walk to school in South Africa!