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you will never know … | The Freedom Fighter

As we venture down our path in life, there are many things that we know that we should be doing. Be kind to others. Push beyond your comfort zone in order to grow. Spend some time each day exercising. Floss your teeth. Sometimes we reach a stage in our lives where we feel that we need to make a change. The opportunity to change your career, the chance to move to a new city or a yearning to travel. It’s often in these times we revert to the things we know – stay in the job or city that you are familiar and comfortable with. Inside there is often a sense of excitement at something completely new, a break from routine and  the novelty of change. It’s often at this crossroads that we begin an internal dialogue with ourselves, focusing on what we think we should do, what society expects from us, what do we think our friends, family, and loved ones would want, and on and on …

When you make choices only with what you already know, you miss the chance to discover an unimaginable number of things that you will never know:

  • you will never know the new life path that you end up on.
  • you will never know the new friends that you could make.
  • you will never know what living in that new city feels like.
  • you will never get to understand how another company is run.
  • you will never know the random traveller that you meet at a train station that turns out to be your soulmate.
  • you will never know the other doors that open and opportunities that you’re offered.
  • you will never find that tiny local restaurant at the end of the road less travelled.

The biggest cost of not doing, is not knowing. The not knowing what you could be missing out on by staying on the path that you’re already on.

Railay's Youngest Fire Performer

A young boy on Railay Beach Thailand does a fire show for tourists in a bar.


An amazing sunset with some great new friends – Sunset Bar Pai, Thailand.


A fresh water lake while hiking to a waterfall. Ko Lanta, Thailand

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This week we launched a public Facebook group called the Freedom Fighter Forum. The aim of the group is to create an online community of like-minded people to share their inspiring stories and photos, as well as a place for anyone looking to make some changes in their life to get inspiration from some pretty amazing people that have done just that. Please join the group and share your story, as well as invite anyone that you think might be interested or has inspired you.