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Why you doing that?! | The Freedom Fighter

That’s a fucking good question.

“Why are you doing the work that you’re doing?”
“Why have you taken on this new client / project / system?”
“Why has my life turned out the way that it has?”

For many of us, the place that we end up at is something that just happens to us, a function of the unconscious decisions that we’ve made that have got us to this point. I started a business with an idea in mind and sold it ten years later and while it made a profit, it never achieved the vision that we’d initially set out to achieve.

So what? So I spent ten years building something, working my arse off and following the money, paying bills and building the bottom line, and then realised that was not actually what I wanted.

Before you start down any path in your life: business, personal or spiritual you should “start with why“. Ask yourself why you’re following this dream, what you hope to achieve and why it’s important to you. Having a clearly defined “why” ensures that you make choices that suit your life, and when things get tough on your chosen path, a clearly defined “why” helps you stay motivated and get back on track.

For organisations starting with why is equally important, and should be the basis around which all strategy and vision for the enterprise are based.

An author that I have spoken about before Derek Sivers has spoken about this before and I wanted to share his blog post on this topic with you. You can read it here. (2 minute read)

Once you’ve spent some time defining your “why”, align the choices that you make each day with your “why” and you will find the things that you want from your life start to flow more naturally to you.