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Two minutes now, then two minutes every day. | The Freedom Fighter

Reading post and taking action shouldn’t take much more than two minutes, and the suggestion below won’t take more than two minutes each day. Can you spare two minutes on yourself each day?

I have spoken a few times about the movie / book called “The Secret”. I had heard about it but only watched it for the first time about a year ago. I now make sure that I rematch the movie every few months. I think it’s great.

I have since started using the daily teachings app. Developed by the owners of The Secret this simple app provides a teaching each day aligned with the ideas and lessons behind The Secret.

Each lesson takes less than two minutes to read and the app reminds you at a certain time each day to read the lesson. I think that it is one of the best and most simple personal development apps that I use.

Get the iOS app here or get the book or movie.

Do you use any other personal development or mindfulness apps that you can recommend? Reply to this email and let us know so that we can check them out and share them with others.

I was reminded to read today’s lesson while I was sitting having breakfast overlooking the beach in Mozambique. Below is the lesson and the view – not shit.