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Travel and Adventure | The Freedom Fighter

Go. Grow.

For the past 4-years, I have been living as a “Digital Nomad”. Earning a living on the internet, and living in new and different countries every few months. Despite the temporary nature of this lifestyle, I focus on slow, meaningful travel.

I choose the country or city that I want to live in based on a personal project or bucket list item that I plan to accomplish. I feel that the experience of a new city, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures continually force me to learn, grow and see the world differently.

My aim is to capture and share these experiences, as a way to inspire The Freedom Fighter community to take action and find the magic that exists in all of our lives.


Sharing my photography journey through pictures from the road.

Bucket List

My list of things to do and places to see before I depart this world.

Travel Map

Where I’ve been, and where I am at the moment.

My Travel Videos

Watch some of the videos from my life on the road.

Travel Blog

Last days in India

After almost three months in a country that I didn't really want to come to, I'm two days away from my visa expiring and leaving "Incredible India". It's been a remarkable experience and a place that has resonated with me more than I expected it to. Tomorrow...

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Cooking in Kerala

Since arriving in India almost three months ago, I've not been short of food options, and am yet to have a bad meal. From the amazing street food in Rajasthan, to the fine restaurants in Mumbai, authentic cuisine in Kerala or the home cooked meals we've enjoyed in...

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Braaaaap – Freedom on two wheels [Video]

Since I started travelling I realized that the times I feel the most content are when I'm settled in a place and have the freedom to move around on my own - not having to depend on taxis, tuk-tuks, buses or trains. Every time I've had my own transport, a...

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The start of an adventure two wheels

Yesterday three of us started a 4 day scooter journey from the coastal region of Varkala to the Kerala mountains in an area called Munnar. We have taken plenty of photos and will make a video blog later. I'm the mean time here is an excerpt from my journal yesterday:...

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100 things you want from your life

Year Ends and New Years. A time to look at what you've accomplished in 2014 and plan what you want out of 2015. As you start to look ahead to your new year I want to introduce a simple concept to you, something for you to try when you set your goals for the year. "100...

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A pimped out houseboat on Varkala’s Backwaters

The southern part of Kerala, has a number of rivers and tributaries the run from the land into the Arabian Sea. This network or waterways has, for locals, provided a very fertile landscape on which to plant and grow crops. It has also created an industry for tourists...

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Varkala, a chilled Indian Paradise.

It has a strange name and quite a few people (including local Indians) haven’t heard of it, but Varkala (pronounced “Var-colour”), is one of India’s hidden gem travel destinations. The fine sandy beach stretches from the warm sea a hundred meters before, reaching the...

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6 months of travel in 3 minutes [Video]

I left South Africa and have been travelling since 28th May. Just over 6 months. I'm currently in Varkala India. I woke up this morning and it was raining - so I found a great coffee shop I decided to put together a video of the last 6 months. I had a great time doing...

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5 Things I’ve learnt about India

Notice: I have started using a new program to mail out blog posts ... please can you give me your feedback or any problems you pick up until I've got it working smoothly? - Thanks GP I've also started adding some travel photos onto Instagram, catch them on my photo...

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A few days at 3000m

Every once in a while you do something so remarkable in your life you're not able to explain it in words, photos, or a video. A hundred mile stage race in the highest mountain range in the world, was one of those events for me! Here is a 4 minute video trying to...

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Last day in Rajasthan, and a friend’s suggestion

I woke up early this morning and realised again how lucky I've been to experience the many things I have on my travels this year. Udaipur, also known as the "White City" or "The Venice of the East" is our last stop on our two weeks through the Indian province of...

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Enough of camels, scooters, and festival goers

Today was our last day in Pushkar. After breakfast and checking out we left our bags at the hotel and went back to "Honeydew Cafe" one of the best local places to eat in Pushkar. After that we went to the stadium and watched the "longest mustache"competition. The...

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