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Travel and Adventure | The Freedom Fighter

Go. Grow.

For the past 4-years, I have been living as a “Digital Nomad”. Earning a living on the internet, and living in new and different countries every few months. Despite the temporary nature of this lifestyle, I focus on slow, meaningful travel.

I choose the country or city that I want to live in based on a personal project or bucket list item that I plan to accomplish. I feel that the experience of a new city, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures continually force me to learn, grow and see the world differently.

My aim is to capture and share these experiences, as a way to inspire The Freedom Fighter community to take action and find the magic that exists in all of our lives.


Sharing my photography journey through pictures from the road.

Bucket List

My list of things to do and places to see before I depart this world.

Travel Map

Where I’ve been, and where I am at the moment.

My Travel Videos

Watch some of the videos from my life on the road.

Travel Blog

A new destination

As I write this I'm told by the first officer that I'm at 30,000 ft above mean sea-level. I'm on an airline that I've never heard of travelling to a country that I've never been to before. Unless there are unforeseen delays I'll transfer in El Salvador, and in 4 hours...

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Eating elephants – lessons from an African cycle trip.

"... it's a cycle of four thousand six hundred and forty-seven kilometers", the words lingered in the air as I tried to get my head around the number. That was five months ago when I met a friend Warrick for a coffee and he told me about his cycle trip from...

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If you’re reading this …. it’s (not) too late

By the time you read this I'm probably going to be an hour or 2 into my 10-week cycle from Johannesburg to Kilimanjaro. It's been months of planning and with just a few hours to go (as I write this it's 18:30), the complete lack of worry has turned into some...

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71 days on a bicycle for a good cause.

A quick apology: The last blog I sent you contained a link to something called the Paradise Pack. The blog post went out after the special offer for the paradise pack had already expired (technology gremlins). Apologies. A few weeks ago, while having coffee with...

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you will never know …

As we venture down our path in life, there are many things that we know that we should be doing. Be kind to others. Push beyond your comfort zone in order to grow. Spend some time each day exercising. Floss your teeth. Sometimes we reach a stage in our lives where we...

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Lessons from a girlie movie.

Someone that I know recently watched a proper "chick-flick" and they said that they really enjoyed it. They said that a lot of what they had been through in their life recently was similar to how the events unfold in this movie. One part of the movie which stood out a...

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6 Reasons you SHOULDN’T quit your job and travel full time.

Returning home to South Africa after an action-packed 18 months of traveling around Europe and Asia, I can easily say that it's been the most amazing 18 months of my life. The decision to pack up and leave initially wasn't easy. In fact, making the choice up front was...

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Life in Pai

"I went to Pai for three days and ended up staying a week". This is something that you read when you do any research on the small mountainside town of Pai, Northern Thailand. So in sticking with tradition - I went to Pai with enough clothing and a plan to go for two...

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Nepal – All the things I didn’t know.

Our a twenty hour journey from India came to an end at 4am in the main bus terminal in Kathmandu. It was the start of what was meant to be a month long trip to Nepal. Participate in a trial run, a quick trip to Pokhara, a trek to Everest Base camp and then onto...

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Keylong to Sarchu

Woke up early, after going to sleep super early the previous night, and watched the sun come up. The morning light on the peaks of the Zankar looked amazing. After a leisurely breakfast we headed out of Keylong, the air was crisp but the sun warm. About 10 kilometres...

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Day 1 (official) – Manali – Keylong. 

We got a bit stuck a good restaurant last night in Manali. This meant I didn't get to sleep until about 1am. This meant that waking up at 5:30am. This meant we left about 8:30 after we'd had an awesome breakfast of Chai and omelette from a street vendor. Breakfast...

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