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The start of an adventure two wheels | The Freedom Fighter

Yesterday three of us started a 4 day scooter journey from the coastal region of Varkala to the Kerala mountains in an area called Munnar.

We have taken plenty of photos and will make a video blog later.

I’m the mean time here is an excerpt from my journal yesterday:

2 wheeled adventure.

Woke up about 7am. Simon was already awake. We went to Coffee Temple for breakfast to think about where I might have lost my scooter key, which I couldn’t find as we were leaving for breakfast. After breakfast we went home and still couldn’t find the key. It was decided that it must be locked “in” the bike underneath the seat. We missioned pushing the bike from home to two bike shops before finding someone that could help. As it was going to take an hour to break into the bike I left it there and went home.

45 minutes later my phone rang, they’d opened the seat but there wasn’t any key inside. Fuck. Ten minutes later I found the key in my shoe. (I’d put it into my shoe the previous evening when my hands had been full bringing things inside).

Then with bags packed and bike key in hand we headed out on the road. The first 70 kilometres were crazy with hectic traffic, busses and lots of people.

After two hours of travel we stopped in Ranni at a “very local” place where the menu didn’t have a word of English on it. We sat down and the proprietor served us a selection of vegetarian curries, atchars and sauces along with a mountain of rice. He also bought us each a deep fried sardine which wasn’t bad. There was no way that we could have finished the first plate of food, and he was back giving us more of everything that we had in the first course. All of which was eaten (without any cutlery). A great lunch at RP250 ($5) for three people.

The 80 kilometres of riding this afternoon was a lot more chilled and beautiful as we headed through areas of rubber trees and tea plantations and the landscape became more mountainous.




The mist set in as we ascended and it reminded me at times of being in the Midlands back home.

We finally drove into Vagamon at 5pm. The town is tiny and informal trade lined the potholed road. We decided to look for accommodation more out of town. We found a great little place in the tea plantations 3 kilometres outside of town and checked in, before we got back on to the bikes and rode back into town for dinner.
Another great meal at a local restaurant with Masala Dosa, chipathi and sweet coffee. RP241 ($5) for three people.

We got home early to shower, eat the home made chocolate the area is known for and chill. Tomorrow we have breakfast here and head out to Munnar.
Total riding 165km. 5 hours.