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The “dis-ease” of being busy | The Freedom Fighter

Almost every app, new technology or product is made with the view of making our lives easier or more manageable.

Yet our lives are busier than they have ever been. We have less time, more email and more stress. The lines between work and family time are non existent. We check work email while cooking dinner, and spend time “catching up” with friends on our smartphones.

We have also started to recreate this busy habit for our children. We fill their lives with rushing from school to sports, dance classes to social play dates. Often our children are over stimulated, seldom having to entertain themselves. They stay busy on tablets and computers and spend less time outside being active and just, being kids.

How do we make this right?

There is no quick fix to this social problem. One of the best places to start though is to identify this “busyness”. Be aware of the impact it’s having on your life and start by making some small changes to the way you live. Be more “present” when spending time with the people you care about and clearly separate work and personal time.

Small changes will start to make a noticeable difference.