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Scars? | The Freedom Fighter

Often our self-belief and our ego lead us to show the side of ourselves that we want the world to see. We portray ourselves in the image that represents our best, and shiniest side, free from blemishes and imperfections. We talk about our success stories and hide our failures.

You are the person that you are, more from the times that you’ve got back up, than from the times you’ve not been knocked down. Each time you fall you bruise. You scar. You learn. Showing this side of yourself to people makes you real. It makes you honest and lets people see the complete you.  It creates a space where they can be open and honest about who they really are, and the learnings that built their character.

Your scars make you know you are, recognise this and share them with the people that matter to you.

 I came across this quote today which I wanted to share:

 Einstein quotePeace.