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Odyssey Channel Champions | The Freedom Fighter

Are you a specialist in your field?


In order to create engagement around the topics within the Odyssey community, we partner with a channel champion(s) for the various topics (channels) in the community. A Channel Champion has two important roles:

1. Share Content

To post relevant, useful and interesting content related to their area of expertise (normally twice a week). The role of this content is to engage the members that are interested in the specific topic and start conversations in the channel. This content sharing is also to position you (the channel champion) as an expert on your topic.

2. Offer Support

To answer support questions and give advice to members that need help on the topic covered in that channel. Questions may include things like: “What’s the best way to start with an SEO plan for my site?”, “What’s the best membership plugin to use for WordPress” etc.

Why be a channel champion?

Channel Champions position themselves as an expert on their topic and through serving the community, build trust and rapport. The role of a channel champion is NOT to directly push, market or sell their services to members of the community. If a member requires additional help or services they’re free to engage the services offered by the channel champion (or any other member), and this work usually takes place outside of the Odyssey community.

The aim of modern marketing is to connect with, serve, add value, build trust and understand a potential client before engaging in a sales strategy, and we’re serious about ensuring business within Odyssey is conducted in this way.