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The easiest way to become successful. [Part 1 / 2] | The Freedom Fighter

How do you measure success? How do you know that you’re on the right path, doing the things you need to in order to achieve the outcome you’re aiming for? The answer is simple, it depends. It depends on how you measure “success”.

Most of the western world, expect results and define success by numbers and measurable metrics:

  • X number of sales revenue
  • “So many” new sign ups
  • A percentage bottom line growth

While I still understand and believe these business measurement metrics to be important, I believe we should measure these in conjunction with other softer and more personal metrics:

  • How happy am I?
  • What percentage of my time do I spend with the people that matter most to me?
  • How much of what I am doing is helping others?

I currently find myself measuring my new business using the first set of measurement metrics. I am not yet achieving the number of new client sign ups and sales that I had forecast, and the business is not yet making the return that I would like it to be making. It’s very frustrating. I find myself wanting to force the process and wanting to change things in order to achieve the goals I’ve set for the business.

This, I think, is where patience and the second measurement of success is equally important:

  • I am 100% convinced that I am working on a business that is right for me.
  • Delivering a service that is going to afford me the opportunity to live a life that I want to live.
  • A business that is going to make a difference to the people that I serve.
  • The way that I have set up the business gives me the chance to focus on the things that are important in my life and do the things that I really want to be doing.

So why am I still having such an internal struggle? We are a product of our society. We are impacted and influenced by the world around us: things told to us by parents, mentors, and peers. We gauge success and believe our lives need to resemble those of the “successful” people around us, people that we see in the media, people that have “made it”. At the moment, I’m judging the success of this new project more by the first set of metrics, which is how I’ve always measured success, than by the second, more personal measurement metrics.

So the lesson here is simple. The easiest way to be successful, if you’re not happy with how things are working out, or if you’re not achieving the goals that you’ve set for yourself, simply change your definition of success until you are successful. Done.

You’re welcome.


(*I’d written another story which I was going to include here but … long blog posts, “A’int nobody got time for that“*) – so I’ll send that story early next week.


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