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Life’s short. Don’t blow it.  | The Freedom Fighter

Sometimes something happens in your life that suddenly put things into perspective. It might be the birth of your first child, the lose of someone close to you or hearing something inspirational.These events make you reevaluate what is important and sometimes realign your life. 

On Saturday morning this week I’d just finished breakfast with three friends, and were leaving a restaurant on our way to a music festival for the weekend. We were in a busy side street in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

As we stood in the street a loud droning noise began and the ground shook. My initial thoughts were that something heavy had fallen and landed in the street, perhaps an AirConditioning unit or something of similar size. Just then the entire building against which we had been standing started to move and the whole street literally moved like a wave. 

One of the strangest things about being in an earthquake is how your sense of reality is distorted. Things that are supposed to be solid and in a stable state – move, the way that they’re not supposed to. Buildings sway like leaves on a tree and the ground moves like a laundry blowing in a breeze on a washing line. 

Luckily for my friends and I the buildings around which we were standing in Thamel, Kathmandu simply swayed in the 7.9 earthquake which hit Nepal and returned to their intended, upright state. In the same street in which we were standing bricks from another building fell and smashed into the street – had they hit someone they’d have been seriously injured. 

Anyway. I got lucky. Within twenty minutes we caught a taxi and were out of downtown Kathmandu and into the surrounding hills where we camped for four days as aftershocks continued around Nepal and into India. 

The above was one of those moments, that me think about my life and realize how short our time can be. Make sure you squeeze every single drop from single day, and make the most of each opportunity that you’re presented  with. 

Life is short, don’t blow it.