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Life Strategy | The Freedom Fighter

Plan. Execute. Evolve. Repeat.

 “Once you realize how beautiful you are, you will find it hard to keep the company of those who do not.” – Bruce Jett

If you don’t have a plan for your life, you’re probably part of somebody else’s plan. I believe that knowing what you want from your life is the most important question each person needs to find an answer for. Whenever we feel uneasy about something in our life or battle indecision, it is because our life plan/purpose is not clear.

I work with clients to help them formulate a plan that’s right for them and keep them accountable to execute their plan continuously until these positive daily actions become unconscious habits that transform their lives.

My approach to the development of a life strategy starts with the development self-love and increasing self-awareness. I work with my clients to ensure that this is achieved through a healthy and balanced mind. A person that is self-aware has a high degree of self-love and has a plan for their life can overcome any problems that manifest in their lives.

  • Improve your health, diet or personal fitness.
  • Eliminate feelings of depression, heartache or any other negative emotion.
  • Learn how to attract wealth, abundance or your ideal career.
  • Find personal peace and happiness.

I am a certified level 2 NLP practitioner/coach.

Living My Dream Life.


“Gareth started coaching me at a time when I had little clarity and too many ideas on how to take my dream-life forward. With his patience, optimism and supportive methodologies, he opened up possibilities. During my time with Gareth, too many positive connections were made on my path to call it a coincidence. I feel stronger and more confident to step into my dream-Life every day now. Thank you” – Simone

Life Strategy Blog Posts

Less is more

I spent more than ten years working as hard as as I could so that I could fit the mould that I thought would make me happy. Study, work hard, make some money, buy things. Work harder, make more money, buy more and larger things. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  I loved it....

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Good vibrations

It's been ten days since the 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal. Experiencing an event like this, makes you rethink things in your life, and put things into perspective. While I realise this is a selfish outlook, the opportunity I've been given to lend a hand in...

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Give to get. 

The past few days volunteering in Nepal have been amazing. I have met some amazing volunteers doing amazing work. I've also met the most beautiful people that are so positive even in such adversity, and through the small amount I've helped, I feel blessed that I've...

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Life’s short. Don’t blow it. 

Sometimes something happens in your life that suddenly put things into perspective. It might be the birth of your first child, the lose of someone close to you or hearing something inspirational.These events make you reevaluate what is important and sometimes realign...

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Gareth’s earthquake survival guide

Every once in a while something happens that makes you think: "Fuck me that was close!" - I had one of my biggest "fuck me that was close"s on Saturday this week.  Around midday myself and three friends were leaving a restaurant on our way to a music festival for the...

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Faith replaces doubt

You can plan your new idea forever.  You can develop "plan B" and mitigate possible risk.  You can redesign and polish (again) before you release. But eventually you need to launch, publish, ship or perform. Until this stage there is always going to be doubt.  And...

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Keep your goals to yourself

Are you focused on achieving your goals? Some thinking on this topic was that sharing your aspirations with people close to you, made you more likely to achieve them. The idea was that you would then be accountable to those close to you to reach your goals. Below is a...

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Being quiet 

Shhhhh! Have you ever noticed how much noise there is around us each and every day? Physical noise: people talking to us, phones ringing or ambient noise from things around us: traffic, radio or other conversations. There is also the additional "noise" from technology...

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5 Reasons why you should work for yourself

I've always been an entrepreneur. It started when I was in high school and sold my best friend's au pair services to a lady looking for someone to look after her kids. My dad helped me draw up a simple contract, I charged a placement fee, my friend got a job, and a...

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Happy Tuesday. You’re Welcome.

Happy Tuesday. I'm sitting in a very cool cafe in Kathmandu. Had a great breakfast and decent coffee. My legs are starting to recover from a trail this weekend, and I'm catching up on some writing. A post about the trail run will follow shortly. One of the things I've...

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What is “sonder”?

Every day your life is made up of a huge number of choices, fears, ideas and people. You live your life aiming for a number of tasks that you hope to achieve and things that you want to get done, while maintaining relationships with the people that matter most to you....

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