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Life Strategy | The Freedom Fighter

Plan. Execute. Evolve. Repeat.

 “Once you realize how beautiful you are, you will find it hard to keep the company of those who do not.” – Bruce Jett

If you don’t have a plan for your life, you’re probably part of somebody else’s plan. I believe that knowing what you want from your life is the most important question each person needs to find an answer for. Whenever we feel uneasy about something in our life or battle indecision, it is because our life plan/purpose is not clear.

I work with clients to help them formulate a plan that’s right for them and keep them accountable to execute their plan continuously until these positive daily actions become unconscious habits that transform their lives.

My approach to the development of a life strategy starts with the development self-love and increasing self-awareness. I work with my clients to ensure that this is achieved through a healthy and balanced mind. A person that is self-aware has a high degree of self-love and has a plan for their life can overcome any problems that manifest in their lives.

  • Improve your health, diet or personal fitness.
  • Eliminate feelings of depression, heartache or any other negative emotion.
  • Learn how to attract wealth, abundance or your ideal career.
  • Find personal peace and happiness.

I am a certified level 2 NLP practitioner/coach.

Living My Dream Life.


“Gareth started coaching me at a time when I had little clarity and too many ideas on how to take my dream-life forward. With his patience, optimism and supportive methodologies, he opened up possibilities. During my time with Gareth, too many positive connections were made on my path to call it a coincidence. I feel stronger and more confident to step into my dream-Life every day now. Thank you” – Simone

Life Strategy Blog Posts

Two minutes now, then two minutes every day.

Reading post and taking action shouldn't take much more than two minutes, and the suggestion below won't take more than two minutes each day. Can you spare two minutes on yourself each day? I have spoken a few times about the movie / book called “The Secret”. I had...

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Why you doing that?!

That's a fucking good question. "Why are you doing the work that you're doing?" "Why have you taken on this new client / project / system?" "Why has my life turned out the way that it has?" For many of us, the place that we end up at is something that just happens to...

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What we should rather be teaching our kids.

The last two years of my life I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to more than fifteen countries, each with its own unique appeal and culture. People respond to things differently to things in each country depending on how their culture has shaped their...

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Eating elephants – lessons from an African cycle trip.

"... it's a cycle of four thousand six hundred and forty-seven kilometers", the words lingered in the air as I tried to get my head around the number. That was five months ago when I met a friend Warrick for a coffee and he told me about his cycle trip from...

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15 minutes I think you should listen to

An eerie light covers the camp site that the Joburg2Kili team is set up in. The campsite is in a town called Chipata in Zambia, close to the Malawian border. The light is a result of the solar eclipse that happening overhead and I am sitting in the camp site’s A-Frame...

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Connect with like-minded people

I heard about this app over a year ago and never spent the time to sign up or use it. But since signing up for free on MeetUp, I have really enjoyed the service and the simple way it connects you with like-minded people in your city. The app is a location-based...

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Lessons from a crazy person [Video]

The hugely successful Jim Carey, known for his crazy antics and onscreen madness didn't alway have things running smoothly in his life. When his Dad died at the age of 19, Carey went to Hollywood to follow his path of becoming an actor, but continually failed and in...

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How much do we know about our world? [Video]

How much do you know about the world in which we live? The food that we eat? The people that "lead" us? The money system that we derive value from? Take time to understand the world around you, what you see and what you read. Know that you can make a difference. Be...

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Want to live to be 100?

I discovered a very interesting concept this week called Ikigai. Translated (from Japanese) it means "reason for being" and requires a search within yourself to find this purpose in what you do. The search should contain the following 4 elements: Do something that...

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Often our self-belief and our ego lead us to show the side of ourselves that we want the world to see. We portray ourselves in the image that represents our best, and shiniest side, free from blemishes and imperfections. We talk about our success stories and hide our...

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The easiest way to become successful. [Part 2 / 2]

In the first part of this blog post we chatted about how we measure success. Here is the second part of the post on how we define success, I hope you enjoy it: When you think about the word "successful" - who's the first person that comes to mind? For some, it maybe...

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