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Lessons in Crowdfunding | The Freedom Fighter

Since crowdfunding was launched a few years ago, I’ve always been interested in the idea. I love “tech stuff”, and love the start up environment. One of my goals has always been to have an idea or product and launch it through  a crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding is a great way to test your market. Entrepreneurs are by nature optimistic. Crowdfunding lets you know if your potential clients feel the same way about your product.

The other potential obstacle that it overcomes is the issue of capital to launch a new idea. Crowdfunding lets you tell the world your story, and if they like your ideas, pre-order what you’re promising to deliver. If your campaign is successful you get the money that you need to produce your product and ship them to your supporters – giving your business the “kickstart” that it needs.

While in Nepal earlier this year, myself and 3 friends managed to escape a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. While many of the tourists in Nepal left the country the four of us stayed to assist, where we could. Inspired by our love of photography and our desire to create a sustainable project for this beautiful country we came up with the idea to produce a photo book of images telling the story of the earthquake. Our project is called Nepal 425.

Photo - - 37727465

(photo credit: Rajiv Kapali)

We decided that crowdfunding would be a good way to create awareness for our project and raise the funding needed to cover the high initial costs to print a book of this nature. After weeks of planning and preparation we launched to a very successful first day on Monday making 7% of our total funding goal on the first day! As is normal (but also frightening) these campaigns quieten down in the following days before picking up momentum again.

So as the four of us quickly head back to “crowdfunding marketing school” to see if there is something important we might have missed it would be great if you could click on the link below, and take a look at our project, and if nothing else, use the share buttons on the left hand side to post it onto your social networks.


This project is a collaborative effort to build a school and make a real difference in the lives of hundreds of people for years to come. Hoping you will be able to support us!