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Lessons from a crazy person [Video] | The Freedom Fighter


The hugely successful Jim Carey, known for his crazy antics and onscreen madness didn’t alway have things running smoothly in his life. When his Dad died at the age of 19, Carey went to Hollywood to follow his path of becoming an actor, but continually failed and in 1985 was broke and depressed. The one things Carey had which made him successful in the end was a self-belief that he was going to be a successful actor. He practiced simple but powerful visualization techniques, including actually writing himself a cheque for $10,000 for “acting services rendered” this was before he’d ever acted in a movie. He post-dated the cheque for three years later and continued to follow his dream, truly believing that he would attain this success …

Watch the 4 min Oprah video below to see how things worked out for Jim Carey.

How clear are your dreams, and what are you doing to visualize them?