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Less is more | The Freedom Fighter

I spent more than ten years working as hard as as I could so that I could fit the mould that I thought would make me happy. Study, work hard, make some money, buy things. Work harder, make more money, buy more and larger things. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

I loved it. For a while. 

Then “bigger” and “more” became unfulfilling. “Bigger” and “more” meant my life was becoming more about the destination, and less about the journey. And the destination is never clear with “bigger” and “more”.

Most of you know my story. I wanted fulfillment and to feel content. I got out of a company I helped start, packed up, and put into storage, all my stuff (enough for two garages excluding my car), and have since been traveling. All my current possessions fit into a suitcase and I’ve had the best year of my life. 

On my travels I read a quote: “The size of a person’s house, is inversely proportional to their happiness”, and I’ve seen this over the past year. 

Today I watched a short TED talk which resonated with me and I think might be at the source of the life that I’ve managed to create for myself. If you have five minutes Graham Hill’s talk: “Less stuff, more happiness” is worth checking out.