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Know anyone with cancer? (you may want to read this) | The Freedom Fighter

…. or diabetes or cholesterol or heart disease or has had a stroke? If you live in the “Western World” one in four people will end up with a disease of this type. It also seems more and more people that I know are becoming victim to these types of problems. I personally know three people that have passed away from cancer in the last 18 months, one was someone the same age as me!

So how, when our medical treatment centers are continually improving; when we’re continually investing in research and developing new drugs does it feel like more and more people are suffering from these diseases? Surely people should be getting better and we should be having fewer and fewer cases of these diseases?

This subject was not something that I never paid too much attention to, nor spent any time researching. I, fortunately, have never suffered from any of these conditions, and when my Dad had lymph cancer a few years ago (and made a complete recovery), I was too young to properly understand it. Then through a girl that I met in Thailand (who was vegan), I started a journey of discovery into the food that we eat. For want of a better phrase: it’s pretty fucked up.

It turns out that there is no money in healthy people. Treatments for diseases like cancer, diabetes and strokes, on the other hand, are hugely profitable for drug companies. But surely it’s not a function of money only, our doctors prescribe the best drugs for us, and they might be expensive, but they prescribe the ones that are likely to work the best for our condition?

Of course yes …

Actually no. Not always.

Dr Peter Gildden a holistic medicine practitioner with 25 years of experience, suggests the most common prescription for cancer (chemotherapy) only has a 3% success rate!! So despite a 97% failure rate, people are still advised to take this option of treatment. I think only politicians and weathermen are allowed those levels of failure and be able to keep their jobs! Take a quick look at Dr Gilddens interview here. (5 min)

Another interesting person I met while in Thailand told me his story, to which I could very closely relate. While he was living in Japan he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an intestinal disease located in the colon. The reason this story is close to home for me, is that growing up, one my best friends suffered from the same condition. As Shamiz told me his story, I recalled exactly what my friend had been through years before. The result (and the reason I’m telling you this) is that my friend back in South Africa after many years managed to get his colitis under control through medicine and surgery. Shamiz on the other hand, despite doctor’s recommendations for more and more drugs and surgery (to remove the colon) managed to completely heal himself simply by changing his diet. Take a look at his incredible story told through videos on this YouTube channel here.

There is a lot more on this subject when you start to look into it and below are a few resources that you (or someone you know) may want to explore further:


An interesting article about how cancer cells and other diseases can’t survive in an alkaline environment, and how this can be simply be achieved in the body through changing your diet.

PH Miracle

The discussion continues in more detail in the book The PH Miracle.

A great documentary that covers how diet affects all areas of your life and the one that was the most impactful documentaries for me – Forks over knives.

forks over knives

A few others:

A sneaky side note: I am not a doctor, nor a dietician and have no formal training or education in medicine or diet. I’m just sharing this with you because I think it’s interesting and that there are lots of people and companies that don’t want us to understand this.  If you feel the same way please share it with people you care about.

Please also let me know in the comments below this article, if you have other resources on this topic that you think are worth sharing.

In case you missed it … here is a link to an interview conducted by Telana Simpson for her show “Let’s Talk Possibility” entitled  “What’s possible when we fight for our freedom“.