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Journal your life | The Freedom Fighter

I used to keep a journal. I kept a paper version the first time that I travelled to the states after leaving school. It was a mission to do and I often forgot to write in it. Despite that when I returned home and I went to back to reading it, it brought back a lot of memories and some finer details that I’d forgotten.

Before leaving on this trip I’d planned to keep one, and never got around to it. Then 2 of the people who I travelled with along the way kept a journal and I decided to start – better late than never.

I decided though it’d be easier to write on my iPad / iPhone. I read a few reviews and settled on “Day One”. I’ve loved every minute of doing it and wished I started years ago!

Here are some of the great features of One Day:

  • Reminder (daily or weekly to write) – or no reminders if you don’t want them
  • Simple and beautiful text interface to capture text entries
  • The option to add a photograph each day (this forces me to take 1 good picture each day to capture the day)
  • Location services turned on it captures where the entry was written and also the weather that you experienced that day
  • Simple search and tagging function allows you to group your entries together
  • It synchronizes easily between iPhone, iPad and Mac.

If a journal is something that you already keep (and you’re looking to go digital), or are interested in starting, “Day One” is a great app to check out:

Heading out a mountain bike today to explore Moalboal.

Check out this sweet tune I found called  “Minor Cause” by Emancipator.