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How to “get things done” | The Freedom Fighter

How effective are you at completing your daily to do list? Where do you save an email that you’re not able to reply to right now? What is the next task that needs to be done a project you’re involved in?

All of us have a way of making sure that we get things done. You can use various applications, a paper diary or memory. What has been proven though, is that the most effective people have a foolproof system so that nothing is forgotten about. A way to file emails, a way to follow up and a way not to forget, anything.

There is a great system (perfectly named) – “Getting Things Done” by David Allen … which is a process to cover all of the above. Perhaps you are looking to implement an entire process or simply add some elements to your current workflow. You can also get a snapshot of the “GTD” process on the lifehacker page. If you like I can also assist you implement the system in a couple of coaching sessions.

“What you achieve in your life is simply a function of what you tick off, your daily to-do list”.