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Good vibrations | The Freedom Fighter

It’s been ten days since the 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal. Experiencing an event like this, makes you rethink things in your life, and put things into perspective. While I realise this is a selfish outlook, the opportunity I’ve been given to lend a hand in Nepal, has been a truly amazing and fulfilling experience for me.





I’ve met up with friends again that were trekking in the Himalaya when the quake hit and been “missing” for 5 days. Good Vibrations.

I have met shopkeepers,  so willing to assist the volunteers that are helping their fellow citizens, that they sell the sleeping mats and tents we were buying from them at cost, making no profit on the items to assist us. Good Vibrations.

I’ve worked with volunteers giving of their time and money, and so inspired to help, they’ve changed their travel plans and incurred costs to themselves to stay longer to continue lending a hand. Good Vibrations.

I’ve experienced the most amazing support from my network of friends and family. A Facebook group that grew completely out of necessity. At the end of day one of my assisting supplying food at an orphanage, a friend from back home asked, “Is there anything I can do to help”?.
“Sure make a donation”, I said ” … and I’ll use that cash to buy some of the things that are needed by the people that have been displaced”. That has grown in 5 days to $5,000 in donations, reach of over 10,000 people and assistance of around 100 people that have been affected by the earthquake.

These donations have assisted us to supply food and shelter to an orphanage (which looks after 15 kids), supply tools and materials to assist 10 families in Goldhunga and supply more tools and materials to build around 15 shelters and supply food to around 30 families in Ramcot. The way people have assisted and supported me has been remarkable.  I’ve received large donations and support from people I don’t even know that well, or complete strangers that have joined our Facebook Group, just another way this tragedy has filled me with positive vibes!

I’ve seen more than eighty people sent from South Africa through an NGO called”Gift of the givers“. They have supplied teams that have: assisted getting people off the side of the mountains, supplied medics to do search and rescue, delivered aid and committed about fifteen doctors to assist in overcrowded clinics and hospitals and imported hundreds of thousands of dollars of aid for people that really need it. Patriotic good vibrations.

By  far one of the most remarkable parts of this experience has been the positive outlook of the Nepalese people affected by the earthquake. The appreciation they have for anything we do for them has been unwavering. Just seeing volunteers turn up in their village sends every person from the youngest kids to the oldest community members out to greet us. Each day, despite us bringing lunch and snacks, we cannot say “no” to the food offered by the people that have almost nothing. They insist on feeding us dhal and rice with sweet chai tea, despite them having very little, even for their own families. Each day we work with people that have lost almost everything they own, but they continue to smile and make jokes about the items we recover from the rubble that used to be their homes. Smiling faces and gracious appreciation though make the sometimes hard, and frustrating work, all worthwhile. Amazing vibrations.

11182208_10155442418190231_4583243528983117036_nPlease join our Facebook Group and share with your friends and family, and if you’d like to make a contribution please contact me to find out how you can assist.