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Give to get.  | The Freedom Fighter

The past few days volunteering in Nepal have been amazing. I have met some amazing volunteers doing amazing work. I’ve also met the most beautiful people that are so positive even in such adversity, and through the small amount I’ve helped, I feel blessed that I’ve been given the chance to assist.

I don’t think I do enough for people that have less than me. I always have an intention to,  but don’t make enough of an effort to, or don’t quite get around to it. What is strange though, is how helping in Nepal the past week has made me feel so good

Sometimes the best way to “get” is to “give”

Here is a photo of a phrase on the wall of an orphanage we assisted a few days ago – very relevant.   

If you’d like to see what we’ve been up to, assisting in Nepal or want make a donation please check out our Facebook group here.