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Get Things | The Freedom Fighter

Management of tasks is key to being successful, maintaining momentum, and getting things done. It’s an area that I spend a large amount of time working with coaching clients on.

There are numerous task management applications and software available, and in future posts I’ll review and compare some of them. This post though is about the task management process and application that I use called “Things”.

Things is a Mac, iPhone and iPad application for the management of tasks. Here are some of the reasons I like and use it:

  • Seamless synchronization across all devices means you always have task info when you need it and can make a note on whichever device is the closest.
  • It’s simple and easy to use.
  • It combines a work flow process based around the “getting things done” philosophy, which I use and assist implement with some of my coaching clients.
  • You can create projects and easily manage tasks for that specific project.
  • Tasks can be group into areas  like “waiting for response” or “calls to make” so that you can bucket tasks together and fly through them quickly.

I paid the full price for the IOS (iPhone and iPad) applications as well as the MacBook application and its been worth twice the money based on how much I use it. However until the 28th November you can get the IOS apps for free and a discount for the Mac version.

If you use Mac and IOS and are looking for a task management system you should check  out Things on the links below.

Things for iPhone
Things for iPad
Things for Mac