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Connect with like-minded people | The Freedom Fighter


I heard about this app over a year ago and never spent the time to sign up or use it. But since signing up for free on MeetUp, I have really enjoyed the service and the simple way it connects you with like-minded people in your city.

The app is a location-based service that allows you to join “MeetUp” groups of people that have similar interests to you. Like photography? You can join a “Photo-walkers MeetUp group”. Are you an aspiring writer? “Creative writing” or “writing for business” MeetUps might interest you. With so many groups available you will find one that interests you!

Since joining MeetUp I’ve met and networked with many interesting people, both for business or for hobbies like photography. Two weeks ago we started a Johannesburg Freedom Fighter MeetUp group and are having our first MeetUp this Thursday evening. The topic of this MeetUp is “Every self-help book in 20 minutes” – if you’re in or around Johannesburg please come along – we’ll need your support for this first event! Sign up and register here for free.

If you’ve used MeetUp before let us know your thoughts on the service in the comments below this post online!