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A scooter, the beach and a treehouse. | The Freedom Fighter

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6am. Read my book for half an hour and then headed out for a run. We ran along a railway line, next to a river, over a waterfall, through tea plantations and a forest and to the top of a mountain. We sat for 10 minutes and admired the amazing view across the town of Ella and the mountains covered by clouds below us, before running back down the mountain.

Back at the guest house I chatted to my gorgeous nieces who start school again today. Olivia my godchild starts her first day at “big school” they’re so cute and getting so big so quickly.

I had breakfast at our guest house, before heading out on scooters down to the beach.
The ride started through the mountains as we wound our way down the hill from Ella toward the coast. The quality of the roads is a lot better than in India, and the traffic and craziness in and around towns, a lot less.

After a stop for lunch we continued on our way and an hour later we entered Lahugala Sanctuary National Park.
This conservancy has an interesting mix of natural grassland, forest and swamps alongside rice fields and agricultural lands. As we stopped at an open grassland section to take a photograph of an amazing tree that stood alone in the middle of the field, we noticed a tree house built in it.

The four bike riders headed across the field to take a closer look. When we got there we climbed the ladder into the tree house and it was clear that someone lived here permanently, although they were not “home”.
The four of us sat in the tree house for about half an hour discussing how simple and beautiful living a life like this would be, before leaving some money, a few snacks and a note (written on a Rizzler) for the owner when they returned home. “You have a beautiful home. Thank you. Love from South Africa, Germany and Israel
Back on the bikes we continued slowly through the park and onward to the beach. At around 4pm we arrived in Arugam Bay on the east coast of Sri Lanka. A famous surf spot which is currently in its “off-season”, the surf seasons switch between the east and west coasts of Sri Lanka at different times of the year.

We found a beautiful, rustic and cheap bungalow on the beach and headed straight into the water. I always feel so relaxed and happy when I’m on the beach or near the sea.
Dinner was at a quite restaurant in “town”, which more of a cluster of beach bars and surf accommodation than a formal town.

The evening was spent drinking beers and barbecuing marshmallows on a bonfire on the beach while getting to know to some of the other guests staying at our beach hut resort, before getting into bed and falling asleep to the sound of the waves. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday.