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A great tool for planning and brainstorming | The Freedom Fighter

You may or may not have heard of a brainstorming process called Mind Mapping. The theory is something I learnt on a course on many years ago through the “father of Mind Mapping” – Tony Buzan.

The idea behind this method of planning is starting with a central idea and then adding topics as branches to the central idea. As you come up with other ideas you link them (or branch out) from the main idea or from one of the sub topics.


As the method is not linear or done in a list format, so you can jump from topic to topic as you come up with new ideas and brainstorm or plan your project.

The process also involves adding  colour and images to an idea to make them more memorable or easier to recall. When I did the initial course to learn Mind Mapping (in about 1991), we were given large (A3) white pads and coloured pens to design and create maps on.

Over the years as I’ve continued to use Mind Mapping, I’ve also evaluated various software tools that facilitate Mind Mapping. Initially the applications were ropey and stand alone, which made sharing and collaborative working impossible. About 2 years ago I moved over to Mind Meister. This application ticked many of the boxes previous software was not able to:

  • Cloud based
  • Mind Maps are accessible across all devices (Laptop, IOS, or Android), including smartphones and tablets
  • Able to import from previous Mind Mapping applications
  • Ability to work collaboratively – you are able to share or have various team members working on the same Mind Map.

I use Mind Maps for various planning and projects I work on, and is a great way to set your personal goals. Below is the structure that I use for my personal goals:

Goals for 2015:

  • Financial
    • Personal income
    • Donations
  • Health and Fitness
  • Business
    • Full Potential Today
    • New projects
    • App development
  • Spirituality
  • Around the house
    • Redo the downstairs bathroom
    • Chat to architect above renovation ideas
  • Travel and Vacation
    • 2015
      • Thailand
      • Sri Lanka
      • Snowboarding – March
    • Someday
      • Dive the red sea
      • Boat Cruise the Nile
      • Do the Inca Trail
    • Research
      • Climb Kilimanjaro
      • Mountain Bike the Alps

You can try MindMeister for free by clicking here.

If you’d like some assistance in setting your goals and getting the most out of 2015 contact me and I’ll glad assist you formulate a plan.