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71 days on a bicycle for a good cause. | The Freedom Fighter
A quick apology: The last blog I sent you contained a link to something called the Paradise Pack. The blog post went out after the special offer for the paradise pack had already expired (technology gremlins). Apologies.

A few weeks ago, while having coffee with a mate that’s closely connected with my family (I think he might be my second cousin two or three times removed :), he told me about the adventure that he and his wife are doing. Cycle a single speed, 23kg, Qhubeka bicycle from Jo’burg 4300km to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and then summiting the mountain, in order to raise funds to buy these same bicycles and donate them to kids in rural areas that have to walk more than hour to get to school.

“Why don’t you join us?” he asked as we sat drinking coffee. In that moment, I was nervous, apprehensive and strangely excited.

I was supposed to be on my way to Vietnam now, to beaches and tropical weather (this would have been my 6th summer in a row), instead I’m in freezing Johannesburg. I’ve bought a Qhubeka bicycle, and I’m preparing to join Warrick and Camilla on their journey to the highest point in Africa. I am part of the #Joburg2Kili team!


My bike “Cameron” being delivered

We set off on the 30th oh July this year and 71 days later arrive at the base of Kilimanjaro. We’re going to be followed by a support vehicle (kindly sponsored by Jeep), carrying food and supplies and are going to camp as we head north.


Bikes and support Jeep.

Our initial goal is to raise R150,000 (R50,000 from each rider) which will mean that 52 bicycles will be bought and allocated to children that need them. Warrick and Camilla have a head start on me so I need your help. Here are a few options if you’d like to assist:

  • Donation equal to a value for each kilometer that I cycle.
  • Donate a bicycle (R2850 each (approx $190)).
  • A once off donation of any value.
  • Signing up for our newsletter, following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and sharing the event with your social networks. Even if you’re not able to get involved financially, you can still help by helping to create awareness. The more exposure we receive the more we’re likely to raise for this awesome organisation.

To make a donation please reply to this email and I’ll let you know the process.

Secondly, we are also looking for the following:

  1. Press and PR exposure. In addition to raising money, we also want to raise awareness of our event and the Qhubeka organisation, which will deliver returns long after our event is complete, and help get more children to school to receive an education. If you know anyone or have any contacts at a PR company or know someone linked to a TV or radio station and could connect us, we’d be truly grateful.
  2. Title sponsorship: along our route we’re going to be using some amazing (sponsored) technology that is going to allow us to keep our followers updated on our progress for the entire trip. This provides a great platform for a company to get some brand building exposure as they partner with us. If your company or a company that you think might be interested in partner sponsorship for our event, please reply to this email and connect us – it would be a truly synergetic relationship and assist our event while building the brand of our supporting partner.

With just 47 days to go, I’m excited about being given the opportunity to ride a bicycle across Africa, climb a mountain that has been on my bucket list, spend some time with some really great people, and raise money and awareness for education, which is desperately needed in Africa. I’m hoping you’ll get involved and share the experience with us!


#Joburg2Kili team 2016 – The three cyclists and Bryan our support driver. (Missing Bobby from the USA who will join us a few days before we leave)