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100 things you want from your life | The Freedom Fighter

Year Ends and New Years. A time to look at what you’ve accomplished in 2014 and plan what you want out of 2015. As you start to look ahead to your new year I want to introduce a simple concept to you, something for you to try when you set your goals for the year.

“100 things I want from my life”, is as it sounds. An exercise to make a list of 100 things you’d like to achieve in your lifetime. They can include:

  • Material items you’d like to own
  • Things you’d like to learn
  • Places you’d like to visit or travel to
  • Personal things you’d like to accomplish

The exercise and the list becomes a working document that you can review every few months when you’re reviewing your goals.

My challenge to you, and it isn’t easy, is to take half an hour and push to see if you can write down 100 things you would like to do before you die – a bucket list if you will.

Once you’ve done it I’d love to hear about how it went and what you thought of going through the exercise.

If you need some inspiration you can have a look at my “travel and experiences bucket list” I’ve been sharing through my travel blog. It’s through having this list and creating actionable items from the things I wanted to do that I was able to accomplish so many personal travel goals in the past six months. Here’s a short video of my life and travels since May – “Six months of travel in 3 minutes“.

To all my readers I wish you the most magical 2015 – I hope that it’s your best year yet!