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The Freedom Fighter | Live More Perfect Days.


I'm Gareth ...

… at the age of 35, I was running a successful marketing business in South Africa. I was paying my bills, owned two properties, my car paid off, I made enough money to buy whatever I needed and went on a couple of decent vacations each year. How was it possible then, that I could still feel empty? Wasn’t this exactly what I was “supposed” to be doing?

Then one day (I’m not even sure anymore what drove me to this decision), I quit. I sold my business to my partner, rented out my house and packed all my possessions into a storage unit and left on a 6-month trip to think about what to do next.

That was four years ago! I now travel the world full time, living in different countries, planning my life around my bucket list and trying to live as many perfect days as I can. I am a minimalist, and I have been blessed with opportunities that have put me in an even better financial position that I was when I working full time!!

My only regret is that I didn’t make this decision earlier!

My aim is to inspire others to define and live more of their own Perfect Days.


Define and live more of your own Perfect Days.



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Good Vibes: From some clients that I've worked with.


Living My Perfect Day.

"Inspired by the content and connection with The Freedom Fighter community, I have rented out my house, applied for a sailing certification and a certificate to teach English and I’m on my way to Thailand, to follow my dream of long-term travel and to create my perfect day" - Bronwyn.

Following Dreams.

"I realized I had dreams and aspirations, but I had not taken any steps in achieving them. I was stuck in the mindset of what society wants us to be. I shed those beliefs and I’m in the process of creating my own. I want to thank Gareth, the Freedom Fighter team and Facebook group for inspiring me to go chase my dreams." - Bryan

A More Focused Wife and Mother.

"Dear Gareth,
I have to say I am blown away. Your understanding of what other people need to hear to enable them to make their lives happier is incredible. You have a way of forcing people to look within and be uncomfortable which is where growth happens. Your content is thought-provoking and inspirational!! Thank you." - Kerry