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Over the years I’ve read many quotes on travel  – the one that stands out the most for me though – “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you wealthier”.

Travel isn’t essential for freedom in life, but it’s something that has enabled a big part of my personal growth. In 2014 I left for 6 months of travel with the following goals:

  • To visit places that I’ve not been before
  • To meet new and interesting people
  • To be open to new cultures and experiences
  • To live outside of what has become comfortable
  • To live with less material “things” and acquire more experiential “possessions” 
  • To see if I could make some money (online) while travelling and being on the road.

The trip turned into 18 months and I completed everything on the above list. I also adapted this as my permanent (for now) way of life!!

A video of what I did in 6 months of travel – June 2014 – October 2014. (I still need to make a video of the following 12 months)

The bucket list paradox:

I’ve always had a bucket-list. It was a list of dreams. Things I wanted to own, wanted to do, and places I wanted to travel to. It was a great place to add ideas. If I saw a place I’d like to travel to I added it to my “bucket-spreadsheet”.

The problem with the list is that it grew quicker than I could tick things off it. I believe life should be the other way around – we should be getting through more of the things that we want in our lives. Take a look at my bucket list and some of the things I’ve ticked off, and let me know (in the comments) if there are items you think I should add to it, and share your bucket-list ideas with me.