Personal Decision Making Bootcamp

Anyone is able to improve their life through the decisions that they make!
This course provides an overview of how we make decisions and some of the common mistakes in decision-making.

Make decisions that make your life amazing

We have spent many years researching decision-making models and developed a simple and an easy to implement process that you can roll out in your life today! The choices that you make each day, affect the path that your life takes, making better decisions means you’ll live a fuller, richer and happier life.

Our online course has assisted people from all over the world, improve their lives through making better choices, and guarantee that we can assist you too.

What you'll get from this course:

  • 41 lectures and over 3 hours of content.
  • Understanding of the decision environment.
  • Understand the role your mind plays in making decisions.
  • Identify and avoid common decision-making mistakes.
  • A practical process you can apply to make better decisions in your life.
  • The course (lessons and exercises), delivered instantly online via our website.
  • Lifetime access to this course.
  • Free access to all future course updates and improvements.
  • Personalised certificate of completion.

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It’s about YOUR freedom:

Once you understand what you need to do in your life to set yourself free, you need to make sure that your decision making supports this purpose. Click below to make sure that each choice you make gets you closer to your goal of complete freedom in your life.

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