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At some point many years ago I added an item to my “100 things to do in my life” list. “Buy a digital DSLR camera, and learn to take and edit photos”.

This item stayed on my list for many years, as something “I’ll get around to”. In January 2015 while in Sri Lanka I bought an entry level Nikon camera and began the task of learning to use it to take and edit photographs. I can easily say that it’s one of the best hobbies that I have in my life.

  • It makes me look for beauty wherever I travel.
  • It makes me travel to great places as I try to capture¬†great photos.
  • It’s been a great way to engage and converse with local people while travelling.
  • Photos provide a great reference when I look back at the places I’ve been to and things I’ve done in my life.