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It’s funny how when you open your mind to search how people come into your life to offer some sort of direction into finding what your personal search is about …

I fell in love with this five-day course because the actual word Freedom related to me in more ways than one.

My direction came from the founder of the website, lucky me, and let me tell you, it was perfect timing. The five-day, step by step program has greatly assisted me to find my own personal freedom. It allowed me to dig deeper than I had done before while opening my eyes to the bigger picture.

I loved the inspirational videos shared on day one and day four by Steve Jobs and Larry Smith, they still resonate with me.

I do believe that at some point in all our lives we begin to search for something.

The search is personal and could be for a number of things.

If you are at this point in your life, please believe me: this will course will not be a waste of your time and you have absolutely nothing to loose.

With the building blocks given to me by The Freedom Fighter I have rented out my house, applied for a sailing certification and a certificate to teach English and I’m on my to Thailand, to follow my dream of long term travel and to create my perfect day, a lesson from day five of the course.

Bon voyage!


From business woman to world traveller ...

Recently I completed a course called Finding your Freedom. Gareth had suggested that do it. So I did it, took a little longer than normal, and it has changed my life!

Before I tell you about my experience in doing it, I’m going to describe my background. I had been considering working and travelling, but it was a thought and a dream. I knew that I had to make a big decision about my life soon. I was like, “Flip, my life needs to change, but how?”.

Then I met Gareth, we started chatting and he suggested that I take the course. Day 1 was a wake-up call! I was shocked how my thoughts were aligned, yet I had no confidence or willingness to take the step. So as I progressed through the course, my subconscious changed its thought pattern! I have learnt a lot, and I now plan on travelling and teaching English, and in the background set up an online business.

I realised I had dreams and aspirations, but I had not taken any steps in achieving them. I was stuck in the mindset of what society wants us to be. I shed those beliefs and I’m in the process of creating my own. I want to thank Gareth, the Freedom Fighter team and Facebook group for inspiring me to go chase my dreams.


In 6 months my whole life had been turned upside down …

Is this the whole thing … or just the rest The business my partner and I opened closed down and I lost my mom to cancer. Everything happened so quickly and I was left questioning what the point of everything was. I felt like a failure in what I was doing with this life and I felt uneasy knowing it could be taken away in an instant.

Something kept telling me I needed to contact Gareth, whom I used to work for. I knew he had made a lot of changes in his life and was travelling and doing life coaching.

I met with him and signed up for THE FREEDOM FIGHTER. Sounded easy enough: Exercises for 5 days to help you find the freedom we all so desperately crave.

Not so simple. What I realised on the first day was that I couldn’t answer the first question. I didn’t even know where to start.

This is where the story of the onion comes in.

Just like the onion, we protect ourselves with a hard outer layer. We hide all the stuff inside so that we appear normal. How we are meant to be. You are an onion! You look like an onion, you smell like an onion and you will taste like an onion! You are an onion, so you must do as all the other onions have done before you!

So I wrote down what I believed I expected of myself, what my parents, my partner, friends ,family and society would expect of me .I wrote like someone else was going to read it. I wasn’t being honest with myself and was afraid to get down to the hard stuff.

I continued to do the rest of the exercises over the 5 days. Then I started again. I started to remove all the layers of the onion.

I peeled away the flaky outer protective layer, then the next and the next and as I removed each layer it got harder. My eyes were burning and the tears were running. But I knew I needed to get to the core.

This is why I urge you to do these exercises over and over, even if you believe you are being honest with yourself. Write down what YOU really want. Don’t write down anything that doesn’t flow easily, and then you can start asking yourself why and start dealing with it. Why are we always more willing to disappoint ourselves rather than disappoint others?

If the onion is picked from the garden and left in its brown protective layer, although it will look like a normal onion, it will begin rotting from the inside. So we may appear happy to those around us, and we convince ourselves we are fine, but eventually, we will need to make a change.

This does not mean walk into your bosses’ office tomorrow and quit your job. It doesn’t mean walk out on your family. It means examine and re-examine everything you have highlighted in those 5 exercises and get to the root of the onion (I mean …problem☺). You may not know exactly what you want yet, but this will help you figure out what you don’t want and that is a good start.

We are so comfortable with being uncomfortable in our daily lives that we don’t see how a simple decision can change everything. Change your attitude, change your reaction and be accountable for your part in the situation you find yourself in; and then accept it and do something every day to get back to what makes you happy.

It won’t all happen overnight, but it will all start to change and you are at the centre of it. This 5-day exercise is a DAILY LIFE SKILL. It is helping me to stop drifting through life and to start being present. I have a long way to go but I have made decisions and I will focus on them. Once you ACCEPT where you are at present and DECIDE to make a change and put it into PRACTISE DAILY everything will start to fall into place.


Dear Gareth,
Having completed your 5-day course, I have to say I am blown away …

Your understanding of what other people need to hear to enable them to make their lives happier is incredible. You have a way of forcing people to look within and be uncomfortable which is where growth happens. Your course is thought provoking and inspirational!! Thank you.


A more focused wife and mother ...

This was a completely mind blowing and life changing experience for me. I did the course a few weeks ago and didn’t really know what to expect.  I knew that Gareth was living the life that he wants to, so he is obviously doing something right! I found the course incredibly inspiring, and there were bits that were uncomfortable, which makes you appreciate that the right questions are being asked. It’s made me question and rearrange my life, and have started taking the necessary steps to ensure that I am able to complete my ‘bucket list’ and live the life that I really want to.

Although my journey is only beginning, the paradigm shift has been huge!  Gareth, you are truly an inspiring being, so gifted! I would recommend this course to anyone; it has changed my life, in all of the right ways!


Rearranging life

I met Gareth at a stage when I was searching for change.  At the time I wasn’t sure what the change was or how to make it, but I knew that ultimately I wanted to transform my career so that it would enable me to have more freedom and flexibility in my life, particularly to travel.  He introduced me to his Freedom Fighter 5 day course.

As an HR practitioner, I am exposed to a multitude of high-quality personal development resources.  Additionally, I have been walking a life-long journey of personally investing in my own development on a business, personal, emotional and spiritual level.   Despite all this exposure and learning, I was unable to piece together an action plan to effect change in my life.

The 5 day course enabled me to clarify my purpose, my passions and my desires; and successfully align the three.  The course uses practical exercises to unpack these critical areas, and then create simple daily practices that if carried out consistently will support effective change.

Additionally to this, Gareth has been personally supportive following the course in coaching me through any challenges that I may be facing during my journey.  I still revisit aspects of the 5 day course from time to time when I need to refocus and get back on track toward my life goals.

Completing the course has contributed significantly to empowering me to redesign my life and having the courage to embark on this transition towards true freedom.


On the road to greatness