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Have you got something BIG that you want to change or achieve in your life?


Are you serious about it?


Do you want it badly enough that you’re prepared to focus the next 180 days on doing whatever it takes to get this done?


Are you prepared to assist others in pursuit of their goals, in return for them assisting you achieve yours?


If you’ve NOT answered 100% “yes” to the above questions, what follows below is NOT going to be for you.

If you’re still reading this (and you’ve been 100% honest with yourself) then you’re on the path to achieving the things in your life that you want.


What is 6-Months to Freedom?

6-Months to Freedom is a 180-day program used to help people achieve personal goals and get the things that they really want out of their lives. The program uses a structured learning process and a group coaching format called a “mastermind” to create a space where members are accountable and assist one another reach their desired objectives. These mastermind groups consist of between 3-6 people that work together and support one another in achieving their goals.


Meetings are conducted online (via Google Hangout or Skype) twice a month and take around 2 hours. Each group has a facilitator that hosts and conducts each session. The first hour is conducted by the facilitator going over a lesson, practical task or exercise that can be applied by the members to assist them on their path to achievement. During the second hour, each person will feedback about how their action items have gone since the previous meeting. Other members are encouraged to provide feedback and support during these feedback sessions. Finally, all members commit (and document) the next steps that they hope to achieve by the next mastermind meetup.

Working with a team provides a safe and open platform for the members to talk about their achievements and ask other members for advice on challenges they’re facing in getting the important task they need doing, done. The synergistic nature of the mastermind means that you’re encouraged to assist where you can to help other members with things that they may be struggling with.

Communication and support:

Each mastermind group has its own online workspace where the overall goal and required action items for each team member will be documented after each session and reviewed as a group in the next online meeting. The workspace allows you to create your own task list with deadlines, a place to create notes and “to-do” lists as well link to important documents or plans that you’re working on.

We utilize another online communication tool which allows the group to stay in contact with one another between meetups, via the platform online or via the application that runs on your smartphone. Read something inspiring that you’d like to share with the group? Simply share it into the group news feed for all members to access. If you’d like to communicate or ask a question of another team member directly, you can simply send them a direct message straight from your smartphone.

Having a trusted team of people around you to lean on when you need support is a great way for you to stay motivated when you’re feeling uninspired to do the important tasks that you know need doing!

How much?

As this is the first time that we’re going to be running this course, we’re going to be offering it a heavily discounted price, paying either upfront for the full 6-months or monthly (pay as you go).


$450 – paying upfront is discounted even further from the monthly (pay as you go) price, encouraging people to see the process through and complete the entire 6-month program. (66% cheaper than paying monthly)

Paying monthly:

$125 per month. This amount is to be paid in full before the start of the month to gain continued access the program.


In addition to the program above, each person in this initial intake will be given FREE access to our Personal Decision Making Bootcamp. An intensive 3-week online course, to help improve how you make decisions. The course includes:

  • 41 lectures and over 3 hours of content.
  • Understanding of the decision environment.
  • Understand the role your mind plays in making decisions.
  • Identify and avoid common decision-making mistakes.
  • A practical process you can apply to make better decisions in your life.
  • The course (lessons and exercises), delivered instantly online via our website.
  • Lifetime access to this course.
  • Free access to all future course updates and improvements.
  • Personalised certificate of completion



We have very limited space for the first program which kicks off in the week starting January 9th 2017 so if you’re serious about obtaining freedom and reaching your goals by the of June 2017 click below to fill out our application form, it takes less than 2 minutes.