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Freedom: free·dom (noun)

1. the power to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
2. the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

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One Monday morning in 2014 I woke up and realised I was extremely frustrated with my life. I shouldn’t have been. I had everything I wanted: my own business, enough money, property, amazing family and friends and I was healthy.

Being frustrated made me feel as though I was being ungrateful for the many things that I did have and should have been excited about. Unsettled, I got out of my business, packed up my life and headed off for a 6 month backpacking trip around Europe and Asia.

I didn’t realise at the time but I had set off on a path that would lead me to discover my purpose, find freedom and change my life forever …

“The two most important days in your life, are the day that you’re born, and the day you realise why” – Mark Twain.

This new path led me to setting up The Freedom Fighter and develop our free “Finding Your Freedom” course. A course that has helped people from all over the world find happiness and lead an inspiring and purpose driven life.

What some of our client's say about the "Finding Your Freedom" Course...

“In 6 months my whole life had been turned upside down. The business my partner and I opened closed down and I lost my mom to cancer. Everything happened so quickly and I was left questioning what the point of everything was. I felt like a failure in what I was doing with this life and I felt uneasy knowing it could be taken away in an instant.” …. “This 5 day course is a DAILY LIFE SKILL. It is helping me to stop drifting through life and to start being present. I have a long way to go but I have made decisions and I will focus on them. Thank you”


Recently I completed a course called Finding your Freedom. Gareth had suggested that do it. So I did it, took a little longer than normal, and it has changed my life!

Before I tell you about my experience in doing it, I'm going to describe my background. I had been considering working and travelling, but it was a thought and a dream. I knew that I had to make a big decision about my life soon. I was like, “Flip, my life needs to change, but how?”.

Then I met Gareth, we started chatting and he suggested that I take the course. Day 1 was a wake-up call! I was shocked how my thoughts were aligned, yet I had no confidence or willingness to take the step. So as I progressed through the course, my subconscious changed its thought pattern! I have learnt a lot, and I now plan on travelling and teaching English, and in the background set up an online business.

I realised I had dreams and aspirations, but I had not taken any steps in achieving them. I was stuck in the mindset of what society wants us to be. I shed those beliefs and I'm in the process of creating my own. I want to thank Gareth, the Freedom Fighter team and Facebook group for inspiring me to go chase my dreams.


“Dear Gareth, doing your 5-day course, I have to say I am blown away. Your understanding of what other people need to hear to enable them to make their lives happier is incredible. You have a way of forcing people to look within and be uncomfortable which is where growth happens. Your course is thought provoking and inspirational ?? thank you”.


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Find Your Freedom in 5-days

Add your name and email address and get started on our FREE 5-day course.

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